Dash Lumber & Supply in New Orleans milled our own lumber back in 1946 by cutting pine trees from our family property and drying the wood, so Dash knows quality. And we still offer the best quality building products.

Since then, we have only chosen lumber suppliers that meet our own standards. We are unapologetic about our “no tolerance” policy for inferior quality and we inspect every shipment to ensure that the materials meet or exceed our grade standards.  If not, we send it back to the manufacturer right then and there. At Dash Lumber & Supply, quality is something you can count on

We only carry and recommend those that we feel meet the level of excellence that Dash customers deserve.

Dash Lumber & Supply carries a complete line of TrimJoist and Boise LVLs and I-Joist. The TrimJoist™ can be easily incorporated into any house plan and is the first step to a floor system with superior quality and superior support. Boise Engineered Wood Products manufactures and markets engineered wood products, which are building products with improved structural characteristics and use our forests more efficiently.

Dash Lumber & Supply is a full service lumber yard. We stock untreated up to 40′ and treated up to 24′. Dash also stocks treated pine fence boards in 6’ and 8’ lengths as well as 1x12x16 feather edge fence boards.