Lumber Supply & More!

Dash Lumber & Supply is proud to celebrate 70 years of community and building in New Orleans and throughout the region! What began in the front yard of our 9th Ward family home has evolved into much more. We now provide DIYers and builders alike with the materials and services they need on projects ranging from small renovations to commercial and multi-family construction. Delivering around the corner or across the state.

Since 1946, Dash Lumber & Supply has provided quality products with a priority of 100% customer satisfaction attained by providing dedicated service and the best value, all backed with reliability and integrity.  This year we are working with our local partners and extended network to celebrate the home and the causes that we love, in thanks for the support and loyalty that has been the foundation of our success. And as we lay the groundwork for another 70 years, we hope you’ll check out the causes we are proud to support.

Over the years, the services and products we offer have changed and expanded with the needs of the community.  From framing essentials to custom orders, Dash Lumber & Supply has the selection, the know-how and the fleet to deliver from our door to yours!

Dash Lumber & Supply’s delivery fleet provides a VARIETY of delivery options, including: truck-mounted lifts, boom-operated crane* for second or third-floor deliveries, or enclosed van for fragile materials.

We work hard to ensure your order is onsite, on time and in full!

DELIVERY AVAILABLE*, and can be scheduled to drop off materials to any job site in the Metro New Orleans region.   Call us for details!

(504) 241-3555

* Please note:  the boom-operated crane truck can not operate in areas where large trees, power lines, or ditches are adjacent to the property.